Scholarship for Girls After Class 12th

Scholarships online in India are a boon to scholars in India who wish to pursue their dreams but cannot do so due to financial restraints. Many online scholarships are a significant achievement for anyone. Scholarship for girls is even more impressive. Online scholarships for students provide up a world of possibilities in the fields of education and employment, instilling confidence in scholars.

Scholarships for students

When a student receives his or her class 12th results, both the student and his or her parents experience a sense of relief. Now comes the question of what to do after 12th grade. Which job path should you pursue? What are the list of scholarships available after 12th grade that can assist scholars in pursuing their dream careers? Read on to explore the list of scholarships for students.

Scholarship for girls in Higher Education in India is a programme to support female education in India. This encompasses many types of scholarships. In India today, the government, NGOs, private schools, and other businesses offer a list of scholarships for girls to deserving scholars.

Even in the twenty-first century, India lags behind in delivering education to girls. Still, in certain countries, girls are seen as a financial burden to their families. Girls are kept out of school owing to a family's financial incapacity. As a result, the Indian government has introduced many types of scholarships for girls in order to overcome this significant barrier and promote girls' education. As a result of these types of scholarship programmes, families are relieved of the financial burden of providing a quality education for their girl child, and it promotes equal study rights for girls and boys.

Scholarship for Girls 2022 provide chances for higher education and professional courses in addition to pre-matric and post-matric education. Online Scholarships for students are available in a variety of professions, including research, engineering, law, medicine, management, aviation, and defense. Both the government and private universities provide fantastic educational options for girls.

1. AICTE Pragati Girls Scholarship 2022
The Pragati Scholarship for Girls (Technical Degree) 2022 is a government initiative to provide financial assistance to deserving females who want to study technical courses and pursue a career in the field. Launched by the Indian government in 2014-15. This scholarship aims to help girls become self-sufficient and empowered to pursue their aspirations. If you are a girl interested in pursuing a technical course, review the qualifying criteria and then apply for the AICTE Pragati Girls Scholarship 2022 using the link provided below.

Pragati Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

(a)The applicant must be enrolled in I year of a degree program from AICTE approved college/institute.
(b)Also, the candidate pursuing the second year of degree level course via lateral entry is eligible.
(c)However, the admission to the institute must have been taken through State/Central government counselling.
(d)Besides this, even two girls from the same family can also apply for scholarships for students

Every year, a reward of Rs 50,000 will be given to scholars who complete a four-year degree programme. As a result, the prize money is sufficient to cover computer purchases, college fees, books, stationery, and other expenses.

The application period for this scholarship for girls runs from October to November each year. Because it was announced on August 24, 2022, the deadline for applications is October 31, 2022. The deadline for detecting faults is November 15, 2022.

Terms & Conditions: The grantees of this scholarships for students are subject to a few terms and conditions. As a result, each applicant must adhere to the following rules.

(a)These scholarships for students can be applied for through the NSP portal.
(b)Furthermore, the awardee must not be receiving any other scholarship, salary, emoluments, stipend, or similar compensation.
(c)All applications are properly examined and processed when the application procedure is completed.

Finally, reserved category scholars will receive online scholarships according to the following rules: SC applicants will receive 15% of these scholarships for students, ST candidates will receive 7.5 percent of the online scholarships, and OBC candidates will receive 27 percent of the award.

2. Fair & Lovely Scholarship For Girls
A scholarship programme for girls has also been introduced by the well-known Fair & Lovely Foundation. It allows girls to study at approved institutions or colleges in India for undergraduate or graduate degrees. As a result, a reward of Rs 25 to 30 thousand is given for this scholarship. As a result, Indian girls can only apply for these scholarships for students if they match the following eligibility criteria:

  • These are appropriate scholarships for students between the ages of 17 and 30.
  • In addition, the applicant must have received at least 60% in Class XII.
  • Finally, the family's annual income must not exceed Rs. 5 lakh.
  • The applicant must submit his or her application between September and October.

3. Begum Hazrat Mahal National Girl Scholarship 2022

This scholarship for girls award is established specifically for minorities in grades IX through XII. This scholarship is also known as the Maulana Azad scholarship. Aside from that, scholars from the Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and Parsi communities are chosen for this award. The nominated applicants for this scholarship will get a total of 12 thousand rupees in two equal instalments as a reward.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Apart from being a woman, the candidate must be a member of a minority group.
  • In addition, the candidate must have received a minimum of 50% on the most recent exam from a recognised school.
  • Finally, the applicant's family income cannot exceed Rs. 2 lakh.
  • The application is generally released between August and October.

4. DRF Sashakt Scholarships For Girl Students 2022

For girls interested in a science-related vocation, Dr. Reddy's Foundation has introduced the DRF Sashakt Scholarship For Girls scholars. It promotes girls' education by covering the costs of a three-year B.Sc. degree. In addition, females from low-income or rural homes will be given preference The deadline for applying for this award is August 15, 2022. As a result, if you match the following eligibility criteria, apply as soon as possible:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • It is also necessary to have a decent grade on the prior school exam.
  • Aside from that, mark sheets from grades 10 and 12 as well as income certificates will be required.
  • The applicant must be enthusiastic about pursuing a B.Sc. programme.
  • Finally, the family's annual income must be less than $5 million.
  • Reward: A cheque for Rs 240, 000 or Rs 80, 000 per year for the next three years, or until the degree course is finished, will be provided with these types of scholarships.

5. Scholarships for Women Graduate Students

Many females abandon their aspirations after graduation owing to their family's financial situation or marry to relieve their family's burdens. This is why Scholarship for girls is particularly important for them. Many private institutions, firms, and organizations, on the other hand, endeavor to grant a list of scholarships for girls who have completed their education and desire to follow a professional course. These types of scholarships are available to any lady who has completed the XII standard. This not only allows women to become self-sufficient, but it also allows them to use their skills to help design a better future in society. This category includes two types of scholarships in its list of scholarships.